Wifi changing network - dns not resolving

Hey guys! This my first time running NixOS … so far it is great!

I am having an issue, that you guys might have the solution for.

I work on my laptop and I tend to change networks I am connected to more than twice in a day.

I just got to work and connected to the network and networkmanager couldn’t get the dns, so I rebooted
my laptop and everything worked.

What do I do to not have to reboot everytime I change network?

Thank you! Keep up the great work!

Try restarting just the network manager.

Or disconnect and reconnect to the network manually.

Or just use tha the hardware switch for your WiFi if available. It helps with my 10 year old Dell quite often.

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I tried restarting network manager , it didn’t work. I tried to change the DNS, it didn’t work. Maybe switch off and back on. I will try that out the next time I will be having the issue.

When I got back home. It worked fine. … weird issue I guess.