Wifi is abhorent

So, im using nixOS, networkmanager for internet. Recently in nmtui, connecting to networks randomly renamed them to “NETWORKNAME 1”. Despite these weird things, my home wifi worked fine. But school wifi speeds are miserable. Practically unusable, 90% chance connections will time out, 10% chance it will load after 30 seconds. I tried resetting everything, restarting, etc but it didnt fix. Sometimes shortly after restarting wifi would work fine for about a minute. I urgently need help, thanks for taking the time to read this

That sounds pretty odd, especially the network getting renamed. There’s basically zero relevant google results for that.

It might be helpful to know what sort of setup you’re working with. Presumably some laptop with built-in wifi?

Im using a wifi adapter cuz the drivers r unsupported. But it was working fine earlier…

I also see NetworkManager creating ‘profile names’ which are the SSID with a number added. This is on my home network where I recently made changes such as adding a wifi router, changing DHCP setup etc, so I didn’t think much of it.

I don’t see miserable speeds or timeouts, though.

It’s very hard to diagnose over a forum, but my first ‘shot in the dark’ guesses would be DNS or IPv6 problems.

If I understand correctly, you can connect to the WiFi access point fine, but it’s the connections to the internernet once connected that are timing out, right? Could you try cat /etc/resolv.conf and then ping the nameservers? Is that fast?

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so, that was jinxing it :wink: - speeds are fine, but I’ve now also seen it get into a state where it disconnects / fails to re-authenticate to the AP a lot. I haven’t quite figured out a pattern yet, will try to update here if/when I do.

Now Ethernet isn’t working. But disabling networkmanager causes it to work??? I think this is a NetworkManager bug

can you share your configuration.nix? do you have both networking.interfaces and networking.networkmanager perhaps?

The only relevant line of code is networking.networkmanager.enable = true; nothing else.
My computer was working fine a week ago but i broke the bootloader, so i reinstalled nixOS and used the same config (flake enabled, mind you). So it is very weird that I am facing problems like this which i didn’t have before, with everything supposed to be 100% reproducable and all… (also as a note: i updated networkmanager which didnt fix the problem either…)