is now live

Dear everyone,

We are thrilled to announce that the much-anticipated official NixOS wiki has now been launched and is live at! This marks the beginning of a new platform owned by the community to collaborate around documentation about the NixOS ecosystem!
We would like to invite anyone motivated to use and edit this new wiki, and join the wiki team to participate in long term editorial work! Come talk with us here

For those interested in the technical aspects, the current configuration of the wiki can be accessed at GitHub - NixOS/nixos-wiki-infra: This project contains everything to setup yourself a mirror of

PS.: this no april fools joke :slight_smile:


Congratulations! The wait is over :slight_smile:


Nice! :muscle:

Am I missing something or is there a problem with responsiveness for mobile devices?

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indeed, we a are currently investigating how to fix that :slight_smile:

UPDATE: it should be better now for mobile users


Fixed in deploy key of lassulus by Mic92 · Pull Request #33 · NixOS/nixos-wiki-infra · GitHub

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Can confirm that, works better now👍

Awesome, thanks! Instantly bookmarked! :star_struck:

Looks like I can’t receive the confirmation email.

ah, can you create an issue on the wiki-infra repo?

It’s very nice !! I hope we will have a BETTER documentation this has been discussed on reddit… Why is the Nix documentation so bad? - r/NixOS

Emails seems to generally work. Maybe join the matrix channel and give us some hints where this email should have went.

Can you please link that?

As in the meantime, I can’t log in via GH either:

Scratch that, worked now, after I disabled “desktop view”, might be related, or might not…

A new era can now begin :blush:


Just as a heads-up, the administrator of the now removed all former admins and an assigned a new account to “Wiki admin team”. User rights log - NixOS Wiki


Here’s the current administrator list of, for reference.

timestamps say he did this after one of those admins deleted all their pages from User contributions for Samueldr - NixOS Wiki

i don’t understand the fork. it’s true most of the names here i get along with in the past are all on the same side of this fork, but it’s really not being communicated why. Cloudflare? bad UI? both those things matter, but seem a trivial thing (to me) to fork over.

i understand the desire to avoid rehashing every dispute in the public. but then the whole thing looks arbitrary and is easily misread as some weird sort of power grab. if anyone’s written an honest “why should i contribute/link to one wiki or the other” page, i’d appreciate the read.

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Oh and great job picking MediaWiki :slight_smile: Thank you!

P.S. Can we please, pretty pretty please, have a dark mode?

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