Window Manager - i7-8700 with integrated graphics


I installed NixOS on a new computer today and spent several hours trying to work out how to get the window manager to work. The graphics are integrated and the processor is i7-8700.

In the end what worked was to set

boot.kernelPackages = pkgs.linuxPackages_4_19;
boot.kernelParams = ["i195.alpha_support=1"];
services.xserver.videoDrivers = ["intel"];

then reboot.

I have no idea if this is something that can be upstreamed but there we go.


i195.alpha_support=1 -> i915.alpha_support=1 and it should be fine on 4.14 if I remember what I did correctly back then. i915.alpha_support=1 isn’t needed on 4.19 for i7-8700.


I mistyped that option in my actual config so perhaps the option is not actually needed. Upgrading the kernel packages definitely is though I think.