Write up of my first 3 weeks with Nixos


I installed Nixos for the first time a couple of weeks before Christmas and I’ve been using it as my main OS ever since. It took me just over 3 days to more or less replicate my Fedora install, but there were still quite a few niggles to sort out. Having solved a lot of them, I was thinking about doing a little write up of my Nixos learning curve and was wondering 1) if that sort of thing is appreciated (I hope so? :slight_smile: ) and 2) where the best place to post it is. I don’t think it’s a guide (it might be) and it’s not a help question.

I have to say, I’m loving Nixos so far, it’s reminding me of the good old days of Redhat 5.2 and Gentoo hehe. It makes me want to make yet another attempt at learning functional programming too, which can only be a good thing :joy:



I love hearing about this sort of thing! Also, I am very glad you are finding NixOS helpful.

Do you have a blog of some sort? That seems like the best place to post such a write-up. Then, use the links category in Discourse here, and post a link to your article.

I’d read that, for one.

I don’t have a blog I’m afraid. I’m not a regular enough writer to warrant one hehe.

There must be a place on here to post what I have in mind. I’ll post it in the random section if nowhere else.

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I look forward to reading it!