Xorg says "Failed to start session"

I’m getting a strange error. I boot the computer, see the xorg default screen. I enter my password correctly, and see the error “Failed to start session”. I’m trying to configure xorg through home manager. Any idea what’s going wrong?

Note that xserver is enabled in my actual config.



No xsession errors file exists
Thanks in advance

Hello, what do you use to start your X session ? Do you start it from TTY or use a display manager ?
And why don’t you just activate BSPWM using your NixOS config ? You just have to add services.xserver.windowManager.bspwm.enable = true

I want to manage as much as possible in my home manager config. I’m prompted with the default display manager of xorg.

Maybe try to set services.xserver.displayManager.defaultSession. For example, set it to none+bspwm.

I don’t know. I’m just gonna try it again on a new system.