ZNC does not save loaded module configs

I’m not sure if perhaps I’m doing something wrong so figured I’d ask here before I open an issue.

Right now I have my znc service set to “mutable = false” meaning I manage everything within configuration.nix and the znc.conf file gets regenerated on each systemd reload. This shouldn’t matter but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

I specify with LoadModule that I want to use the push module (among others) and then I use the “/msg *push …” syntax to configure it for each of my networks. Usually this results in a folder being created in /var/lib/znc/users/deni/networks/libera/moddata/push where the configuration lives.

However, no such folder was created and so whenever the service is restarted the module configuration is lost.

Does anyone else have this problem? I’m suspicious this might have something to do with the systemd service hardening settings that are set but I’m not sure.

OMG…nevermind…it had nothing to do with anything. XD
The permissions on the “/var/lib/znc/users” folder were messed up and it just silently didn’t save antything (even with --debug).