Zotero in Libreoffice

Hi everyone, i am trying to use Zotero in Libreoffice. Usually when installing Zotero there should also be the libreoffice extension installed. But it did not appear in my libreoffice… So i tried to find the extension from inside libreoffice. Adding an extension by going to /nix/store/zotero/usr/lib/zotero-bin-6.0.26/extensions/zoteroOpenOfficeIntegration@zotero.org/install/Zotero_OpenOffice_Integration.otx did something. It tryed to install the extension and it appears to be instlalled but can not be activated. When i try to activate i get the message: Could not create Java implementation loader at /build/libreoffice- Does anyone have experience with using the zotero extension in libreoffice on NixOS? Any help would be very appreciated!

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