2022/02/02 - Marketing Meeting Minutes

With a few days of a delay I finally manage to get the minutes of our Wednesday meeting in a shareable form. Here they are:

Attended: @samueldr , @garbas , @tomberek , @bpiv400

Announcement video for Nix 2.6

We made our first announcement video. If you haven’t watch it yet you can do it now here:

We also post the announcement on nixos.org and also on Twitter.

We knew we want to record such videos for quite some time, but we couldn’t find the time to do it. We finally bite into the work and we think video was received with the approval.

We are aware that the video can be improved (we are already planning few improvements for the next video), but as always we want to hear your feedback (the good and the bad).

@tomberek and @garbas are leading this effort.

NixOS Survey finally!

Knowing the state of the community is important metrics that we want to track in the marketing team. Doing one survey maybe not reveal much, but doing them for few years in a row could show an important trends that I think we would all like to know.

Everything is almost ready, final testing of the survey is being done and the survey will be announced in the next days and will last for a month. Make sure you take it :wink:

@bpiv400 who picked up the work that @davidak started some time ago is leading this effort.

Work on nixos-common-styles

As we redesigned nixos.org we also knew we want to use the same design across other sites. This summer we started exporting the design work done in nixos.org into a separate repository that other Nix/NixOS related sites can use as a starting point. You can check the progress here: https://github.com/NixOS/nixos-common-styles.

While work on this staled in the second half of last year, but we are picking it up and @samueldr opened 2 more PRs (#8, #9) and is leading the work.

Language + Nix tutorials

When a Python developer comes to the Nix they would most likely look for a tutorial that would show how to create a python development environment. You can replace Python with the language of your choice, but the statement will still hold true.

For this reason we’ll be looking into adding language tutorials to nixos.org (Learn page).

NixOS/templates will be (re-)used for this purpose. Each language specific template will be accompanied with a tutorial that we will eventually include in nixos.org.

There are many details still missing here, but we hope to update you next time on the progress on this. @garbas is leading this work.

Social media presence

In marketing team we were quite off hands with all the social media for now. With our planned video announcements we hope to change that.

The marketing team got access of the @nixos_org twitter account and YouTube channel and we hope to track those things more closely.

For now we will focus only on Twitter and YouTube to see how much work this is and how we can divide the work among ourselves.

For now @garbas is managing this, but we hope to create a process to rotate this duty.

Some minor nixos.org maintainance work

3 PRs were merged:

  • Link element added to RSS feed for announcements #794 by @garbas
  • Fix broken URL to release notes, #795 by ooesili
  • Fix how we extract the title from nix.dev, #793 by @garbas

Want to help with all of the above?

There has been no better time to join the marketing team. A lot of things are happening (writing tutorials, video editing, social management, CSS fixes, …) and we need your help.

We meet every two weeks for an hour to discuss the work and report back what has been done. Everybody does as much as their life allows them, but we all share the same love for the Nix/NixOS community.

Follow the guide how to join marketing team and I hope to see you at our next meeting.


I haven’t had time to watch it yet. But, the year (shown in the intro) is wrong. :wink:

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I hoped I wouldn’t do such mistake :slight_smile: anyway thank you for reporting it. I’ll fix it when I’ll be editing next video.

I am still very excited to see the results of the survey. Great that you are continuing my efforts! :sparkles:

As for social media, it would be great if you joined the Fediverse, where #NixOS is also a prominent topic thanks to some members of the community (not least me).

I like to see more videos. It’s easier for me than reading long text.

Thanks for your efforts!

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