2022/10/26 - Marketing Meeting Minutes

Hey all, :wave:

So, it’s been a while. :sweat_smile: But, the marketing team is starting to gain steam again. Here’s what we discussed during our last meeting 2022-10-25T22:00:00Z. Attending were @garbas, @tomberek, @lucperkins, @ysndr, and @bjth.

Metrics :bar_chart:

We have started collecting metrics on the nixos.org website. There now exists a GitHub repository aptly named nixos-metrics. The data itself lives on a branch named data. Currently, the script just pushes the data into the data branch. But, we’d like to have the metrics live somewhere more central eventually. The strongest candidate currently looks to be our already existing Grafana/Prometheus setup.

We still need to come up with a strategy to backfill the current data we have once we get access to the Grafana/Prometheus setup. This would allow us to visualize the data we collect in pretty graphs in Grafana. Until then, @Radvendii is already generating some pretty graphs over here.

Thanks to @Radvendii for helping with this topic. :blush:

Video content :tv:

The What’s new in Nix episodes were, and still are, pretty popular. We’d like to continue the effort by creating more of them. Now, we know we missed a few releases and are currently looking for the best way to make up for this. But, since there’s a new release just around the corner, we’d first like to make sure to get going again.

Regarding the schedule of these videos, @garbas and @tomberek noticed keeping up with the release schedule of Nix is too fast. Yes, you’re reading that correctly. Nix is releasing too fast for us. :smiley: So we’re considering doing a what’s new in Nix every 2-3 releases, what’s your opinion on this? We’ll also be looking into alternative formats. E.g. the Summer of Nix 2022 Public Lecture Series was held in a streamed format. Perhaps we can do the same for some of these videos.

Website :globe_with_meridians:

The biggest point of discussion this time around was the current website. Or more specifically, it’s styling. The current website, to us at least, looks unfinished. There are some small styling issues we’d like to fix, and in the progress create a small styling framework the community can use to make everything look consistent.

Contributing to the website is also not a fun experience. Currently, the website works on a hand-crafted Perl script that takes care of pretty much everything. We’d like to change this, so we’re using more of an industry standard approach. Making contribution easier. @lucperkins will be looking into this primarily, as he has the most experience in creating websites out of the marketing team.

The first thing Luc will be doing, is looking at the requirements of the current site, and analyse if it’s possible for us to use a static site generate like Zola. There’s still a lot to figure out and discuss on this topic. So, expect to see this point a bit more often. :wink:

Miscellaneous items :crystal_ball:

There were a few other items on the agenda we didn’t manage to spend much time on, but will carry onto the next meeting. Here are some of those items.

  • Nix & social media
  • Supporting community events (calendar on the front-page, platform to organize these events, …)
  • Roadmap for the marketing team (W.I.P.)
  • Hosting the website somewhere else
  • search.nixos.org and status.nixos.org as playgrounds for the CSS framework
  • Improve the messaging of nixos.org

Action items :exclamation:

  • @lucperkins Will look into the website, looking what the requirements of it are
  • @tomberek, @garbas, and @bjth Will get together again to discuss the video content

Thank you for reading! Until next time. :blush:

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