Tweag+Nix dev update #38

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Making Nix solve people’s problems

Documentation :books:

jupyterWith improvements

  • The latest version of jupyterWith has been released! :tada:
  • The update includes changes to make it easier for end users.
    • Flake templates were added so users can bootstrap a project quickly.
    • Python dependencies can be managed using Poetry and poetry2nix for easier version selection and dependency resolution.
    • Kernels are located in their own .nix file which makes them tiny, modular, and easy to digest.
  • See the repo README to get started and the HOWTO and TUTORIALS for further instructions.

Making Nix work reliably everywhere :penguin::apple:🪟

  • @regnat, as a member of the Nix maintenance team, reviewed a certain amount of Nix PRs! 7223, 7212, 7206, 7196, 7190, 7203

  • @solene opened two PR using two different testing framework: bats and shellspec, the goal is to find a proper replacement for the Nix integration tests management

  • @solene participated into the public Nix installer workshop, and reported a few issues to the 3rd party installer harmonic

Making Nix ubiquitous :rocket:

  • @bjth submitted a reservation for a Nix room at FOSDEM 2023, we will know the answer the 31st of October.

  • @radvendii published the metrics website and is now rewriting the tooling from python+rust to 100% rust. This will be the opportunity to process more data and provide more information from Google’s data.

  • The marketing team has been quite for a while, but @garbas and @bjth have tried to get it going again. The results of the last meeting can be seen here

Tweag at the NixCon

  • @bjth ran the media infrustructure and the show, enabling people to attend the NixCon remotely :heart_decoration:

  • @bjth is taking care of splitting the talks from the NixCon recordings (2x 8h) into their own videos

  • Guillaume Desforges had a flash talk on the topic of “Talking about Nix with Friends”

  • @layus had a flash talk about “Nix error traces improvements”

  • @djacu had a flash talk about JupyterWith, a project to make Jupyter playbooks reproducibles

  • @tshaynik had a flash talk about packaging Jitsi

  • @regnat had a flash talk about “Running the Nix daemon (nearly) rootless”

  • @regnat, as a member of the NixOS Foundation Board, participated into replying to the community questions about the project

  • @fricklerhandwerk gave the final talk “Flattening the learning curve”, reporting on what the Nix documentation team had worked on this year, and proposing a long-term vision as well as possible next steps

  • @infinisil did a Questions / Answers during the hackathon

  • @fricklerhandwerk organized a documentation workshop, where participants engaged in setting up a more effective team of maintainers

Tweag was a gold sponsor this year together with many more awesome companies supporting the cause

Many thanks to all the other people from Tweag who participated and that I may not have listed here :mechanical_arm:


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