Tweag+Nix dev update #37

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Making Nix solve peopleโ€™s problems

Documentation :books:

@fricklerhandwerk spent a significant time reviewing PRs on the Nix, Nixpkgs and repositories, emphasing on new contributors to help them onboard in the Nix community.

jupyterWith improvements

@djacu updated the bash kernel to version 0.8.0 and added zsh kernel

The scala kernel should arrive soon :star2:

Making Nix work reliably everywhere :penguin::apple:๐ŸชŸ

@solene opened a draft PR to switch the current Nix test suite to shellspec. This would make tests more readable, more extensive and easier to write. Feedback welcome.

@infinisil made a NixOS module to easily install direnv along with nix-direnv.

@infinisil has updated the nix-shell like Docker image generator, it may be merged soon.

@regnat announced the creation of a Nix maintenance team and published notes of their first meeting.

@yorickvp made many security updates in nixpkgs and went through a lot of Vulnerability roundup issues to see which were still relevant.

@regnat and @solene participated in the third session of the public Nix installer workshop

Making Nix ubiquitous :rocket:

@radvendii published some NixOS website metrics: this is the first step toward sharing more data about the website and binary cache usage.

Blog posts and medias :newspaper:

@bjth initiated the required procedure to get a room at FOSDEM 2023 for the Nix community :raised_hands:t3:

On the NixOS website, @infinisil is working on adding the nixpkgs architecture team to the team listing.

@Radvendii published a blog post sharing how refactoring NixOS configuration was worry free.


  • @acaccia implemented string interning for identifiers, giving an overall improvement in performances (#835).
  • @ebresafegaga fixed an issue with polymorphic contracts (#802, #831)
  • @ebresafegaga also added support for type wildcards in the LSP (#856)
  • @matthew-healy fixed a bug in the typechecker when handling certain record types (#847)
  • @dpl0a just started an internship on implementing cached evaluation for Nickel!
  • @vkleen started to work on using Nickel for Terraform. He already fixed several bugs in the term pretty printer. But why? Because he is now able to automatically generate Nickel contracts from a TF provider schema, for which he needs to leverage said pretty-printer.

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