Tweag+Nix dev update #36

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Making Nix solve people’s problems :wrench::toolbox:

Documentation :books:

jupyterWith improvements

@djacu continued his work on jupyterWith:

Making Nix work reliably everywhere :penguin::apple:🪟

Making Nix ubiquitous :rocket:

Blog posts and medias :newspaper:


What’s coming next?

Following our engagement from this summer, here are our plans for the coming weeks:

Making Nix solve people’s problems

Nix language tutorial

@fricklerhandwerk will continue (and ship!) its Nix language tutorial

Nix contributors onboarding

@balsoft will work on the onboarding experience for new contributors to the nix repository, improving the hacking guide and trying to provide a better off-the-shelf development environment

A new jupyterWith

The rewrite of jupyterWith that we have been working on for quite some time already is close to reaching feature parity with the current version (Yay :partying_face:). @djacu will wrap-up the remaining issues, and make that the official version

Making Nix work reliably everywhere

Nix maintainers team

@regnat and @frickelerhandwek started some effort towards gathering a proper team to bake the maintenance of Nix. Things are very fuzzy at that point, but hopefully we’ll be able get something started in the coming weeks.


@mkaito, @solene and @regnat will keep the started work towards helping with a better official installer for Nix.

Nixpkgs work

As part of the work on the nixpkgs architecture team, @infinisil opened an RFC to replace parts of the dready all-packages.nix by a convention-based directory structure

Tests, tests, tests

@solene will try to untangle the Nix test suite to hopefully make it faster and more reliable. Lots of open questions there, so your input is welcome :slight_smile:

Making Nix ubiquitous


@Ravendii started gathering some metrics on the binary cache usage. This is still in an early stage, so he’ll work on improving it in the coming weeks.

Learning videos

@bjth is working on a series of short learning videos for Nix. Still in infancy, but hopefully that will complete the existing arsenal of learning material and complement @fricklerhandwerk’s work

Marketing team

@bjth recently joined the marketing team which has been quite dormant in the last months, and will with @garbas and others reboot its activity

:vulcan_salute:t5: build fast and reproducible :vulcan_salute:t3:

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