NixOS Foundation Board Meeting Minutes – September 9, 2022

(again, with apologies for the delay)


  • NixCon Updates
  • Nix maintainers team
  • Roadmap
  • Board formalization timeline
  • Team formalization
  • 3 month plan


  • NixCon
    • 60 talk submissions (and room for 40 actual talks)
    • We received more sponsor inquiries. May cross $20K sponsorship total.
    • Location is finalized.
    • Eelco wrote up a contract for DGNUM about handling ticket sales / VAT.
    • Ron is working on finalizing the contracts with the 3d-party vendors
      • Blocker for the tickets sales since we must make sure that the ticket price will cover all the expenses before freezing it
    • Ron (or someone else) also needs to organize the volunteers work
    • Physical board meeting on Saturday morning 22nd (morning of the NixCon hackathon)
    • There will be a board fireside chat. We could present the roadmap there.
  • Nix maintainers team
    • Being set up
  • Roadmap
    • Need everyone to think about it an then be the topic for a whole meeting
    • It would be great to organize it by first having a handful (1 to 3) of high-level goals and then derive some more concrete items from there
  • Board formalization
    • Still some Dutch admin thing to do before the new board can be officially named
    • Would be great to have it by NixCon
  • Team formalization
    • Too big for the time left, topic for a next meeting
  • Plans
    • Before NixCon:
      • Settle the team formalization thing
      • Define the roadmap precisely-enough to be presentable
      • Settle on a 3 months plan for after NixCon