NixOS Foundation Board Meeting Minutes - August 26, 2022

(with apologies for the delay)


  • NixCon Updates
  • 3 Month Plan
  • Team Involvement
  • Board Admin


  • NixCon update
    • Close to finalizing venue at University of Paris (which one?)
    • Around $15K in sponsorship committed
    • Ticket sales:
      • Still looking for a mechanism to do ticket sales (e.g. OpenCollective Europe)
      • Fallback plan: Have Ryan’s non-profit (based in France) handle it
      • Another possibility is donation tickets (i.e. it’s not required to pay)
    • Talks
  • 3 Month Plan
    • Team structure
    • Roadmap
      • Draft a roadmap doc (board)
      • NixCon roadmap session?
    • Team Involvement
      • Nix team in the process of being created
      • Documentation team
      • Infra team
        • Mac builder issues: Need a replacement for the Macs in Rob’s basement

Action Items

  • IRS W8BEN-E form (Eelco)
  • Create roadmap doc (Eelco)
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Is the Nix Board the same thing as the NixOS Foundation Board?

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Yes they are, thanks for pointing that. I’ve updated the post titles (the ones I have control over) to fix the naming

I don’t know about the IRS form. The roadmap is something we have on the agenda for the coming week

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