2022-11-26 Nix/Nixpkgs/NixOS hackathon in Zürich (Rapperswil-Jona)

This event is aimed at all skill levels, so it is a great opportunity to learn Nix, meet developers and maintainers, and become a contributor.

We’re really happy to have Elton Vecchietti (Director of UX at Modus Create) on board, who will run a UX workshop with Nix and Nixpkgs developers, including @edolstra and @infinisil.

There will be an opportunity to join remotely through Jitsi. Complete, up-to-date information:

Food, drinks, coffee, tea, swag, and friendly mentors are all provided. All we need is some fun company. Bring as many friends as you can! :slightly_smiling_face:

We will publish a written report on the workshop in the week after.


I may misremember or misunderstand the schedule, but wasn’t yesterday the day that ends ZHF and when the last staging-next should happen right before branch-off?

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The branch-off happened this Monday, which just means that the ZHF fixes now need to additionally be backported to the release-22.11 branch. ZHF continues until 2022-11-30, you can see the entire timeline here :slight_smile:


Thanks for clarifying, I missed the “Also ZHF ends” in the “Release” event :smiley:

Even if the official ZHF ends, people are still welcome to fix errors in Hydra’s builds :wink:


Ah I missed it, would’ve been nice to meet other NixOS users.

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Awesome. Thanks for organizing this!

Will the Lighting talks be live streamed and recorded? I think it would be great for online participants and people who missed the event.

I’m especially interested in the UX talk and workshop. I think UX is the most important thing for a successful software project! And NixOS is quite bad in this aspect.

Is there a plan what you want to achieve with Elton? There would be many areas where UX design is needed, like the whole onboarding process, organization of documentation, appropriate documentation style (video, numbered instructions with screenshots vs. long text like in a book), using nix/nixos, nix cli ui, nixos gui tools developed by the SnowflakeOS effort.

There will be a live stream, but no recording, and we will publish a report on the workshop. An executive summary of the talk contents should be part of that.

For the workshop this week the goal is to get to know each other better and establish some common ideas and ways of thinking about UX, and for Elton to gather impressions about the Nix ecosystem. I would love to have a longer-term collaboration and will work towards that, but cannot tell to what extent this will be possible and what shape it may take.

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@fricklerhandwerk I’m alone in the Jitsi room for the UX workshop. Have i missed something?

Resolution: The first part was not streamed.

Feedback: Online participation was very limited and not good organized.

Hosted by Flying Circus.