2023-03-02 Documentation team meeting notes #30

Attendees: @fricklerhandwerk @infinisil @spacekookie @olaf @pennae



  • @spacekookie has technical writing and onboarding experience in Nix and Rust for the past two years
    • May not be able to join every time but would like to help out
  • @spacekookie asks a suggestion about improving the NixOS module hierarchy for some options
  • @olaf: ideally we’d structure the code such that the amount of effort to maintain the documentation is reduced
  • @fricklerhandwerk: We need maintainers, let’s jump to the call for maintainers draft post

Work meetings

  • agreement this is useful
  • shared the link on Matrix

Call for Maintainers

  • Main purpose to have a reference to link to specific people that might be interested
  • We won’t wait for the NixOS board announcement
  • (reading the draft together)
  • (made some last changes)
  • posted the announcement