2023-04-03 Nix team meeting minutes #46

Attendees: @roberth @regnat @edolstra @ericson2314 @fricklerhandwerk



  • @regnat reports from installer workgroup
    • proposal: try a modified DetSys installer as an experiment
      • needs a few changes
      • not clear yet who would do the job
    • options:
      • give green light and support for upstream PRs
      • make it our own priority (would imply dropping others)
      • call for contributors (continuation or successor to the installer workgroup)
  • @fricklerhandwerk: actionable next steps?
  • decisions:
    • we agree to make it an official experiment, and put it out as an alternative installer, without guarantees
      • the official experiment requires:
        • Experimental features disabled by default
        • Telemetry disabled by default or taken out altogether
        • The source living in a NixOS GitHub org repo with designated maintainers
        • Fixes from the DetSys installer are upstreamed into the NixOS org version during the experiment
          • if only one intaller is properly maintained during the experiment we won’t have a good basis to evaluate afterwards
    • we will come back to reviewing the actual code and making decisions on upstreaming based on the experiment’s results after two months after it begins
      • we will consider bug reports and download counts to make the assessment

Raw pattern

Prioritise testing

  • @edolstra: increasing test coverage is great, but not sure if it should be a priority over improvements
    • only improvements bring new users
    • @fricklerhandwerk: we may want to ask ourselves if more new users is our primary goal. more contributors, and most importantly maintainers, are what needed to keep making improvements in the long run
      • well-factored code and robust tests ease the way in for contributors
    • @regnat: the rules are supposed to be somewhat flexible anyway
  • agreement: merge


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Since subflake locking is such a long running issue, I’d appreciate consideration of this work-around in the mean time.