2024-06-05 Nix team meeting minutes #150

Attendees: @edolstra @roberth @Ericson2314 @fricklerhandwerk @puckipedia @Mic92
Notes: @fricklerhandwerk

STF sponsoring developer time

Improving Nix testing for Nixpkgs releases

  • proposal by @edolstra

    • Make a Nix hydra jobset
      • Package depending Nix
      • Important NixOS tests
  • proposal by @raitobezarius

    • Build over all supported systems
    • Build static binaries and test them
    • Cross compile to classical supported systems
    • Run i686, misc tests & all installer tests using that specific Nix
    • Run library eval tests (normally, ofborg takes care of this for you, but double check it)
    • Verify that nixos-enter behave as expected (a catastrophic regression for the stable Nix in general)
    • Build Hydra with that Nix and verify it works out of the box
      • @Ericson2314: we do that but I wouldn’t call that a release blocker
    • Verify that the new Nix’s fetchers work with things like npins, with some interesting cases, e.g. private forges, allRefs = true;, etc.
    • Evaluate ALL of nixpkgs with nix-eval-jobs which tests two things: nix-eval-jobs compat and Nixpkgs evaluation ~correctness
  • @Mic92: could have a special branch for bumping Nix versions that Hydra observes

    • would run the downstream dependency tests
    • when it succeeds, can be merged
  • discussed current state of the Nix release manual

    • needs upload rights to releases.nixos.org
      • @fricklerhandwerk: who has this access currently, who can share permissions?
      • @roberth: we wanted to first document and then automate it, so no one needs to
      • @edolstra: can look at the AWS user IDs, but generally this is a question to the infra team
    • needs access to Hydra to add jobsets
      • need Hydra to build it, because that produces the “fallback paths”
      • the release script used to also automatically update those fallback paths in Nixpkgs, currently done manually (would be great to automate again)
    • requires signing a tag
    • @Mic92: would be great if we could have more automation for that, e.g. through GitHub Actions
      • at least updating nixVersions.git in Nixpkgs