2023-04-04 Documentation team meeting notes #38


  • coordinate what to do with the rejected GSoD project proposal
  • rework the project board to be linear again
  • see what we can do to onboard manual maintainers
  • reschedule the work session


New time for work session

What to do with the rejected GSoD project proposal

  • Documentation project proposal for Google Season of Docs 2023 - #3 by fricklerhandwerk
    • No feedback, but could be because we have no objective metrics and estimate over budget limits (despite clear options to close funding gaps)
    • There’s no cheap way to measure learning success
  • we could apply for other sources of funding:
    • NixOS Foundation
    • OpenColletive
      • individuals and corporate sponsors
      • would need more effort for outreach
    • NLnet
      • may be on topic because it’s at the intersection of sustainability/reliability of technology and also education
    • combination of the above

Restructure the project board

  • issue status and topic are independent pieces of information
    • @fricklerhandwerk added a separate field for topic
    • crowd-source task for GitHub team members: pick items which have a no:topic status, and set their actual topic field to that, then set the status to To Discuss
    • afterwards @fricklerhandwerk will remove the Topic: states
    • finished during the meeting

Finding maintainers for the Nixpkgs and NixOS manuals

  • @j-k: questions on Nixpkgs manual
    • shall we add a note to every section to check other materials for generic topics?
      • @fricklerhandwerk: not yet, this can be done at the template level if we split the manual into pages
    • how to go about changes generally?
    • the Go part is much better, looks more like reference. should all parameters be documented?
    • how should parameters be ordered? by relevance or alphabetically seems resonable
      • @infinisil Should be autogenerated in the end, but might be good to mention in the beginning which ones are most important
      • @fricklerhandwerk: Should avoid double book-keeping, let’s use alphabetical ordering. Should include examples.
    • “Using community Rust overlays” section
      • @infinisil: Feels like this should be in third-party docs, only have quick links to them
      • @fricklerhandwerk: Feels like something for the wiki. Easy to get out-of-date; trade-offs to consider
      • @j-k: Only quick mention that you can use alternate Rust versions, link to third-party projects for examples
  • @infinisil: let’s write down what it takes to be a manual maintainer
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