Fundraising for the Nix Documentation Project

tl;dr - The documentation team submitted a proposal for funding via Google Season of Docs which intended to expedite and meet many key documentation goals, but it was sadly not accepted. We all know that documentation is critical to the success and growth of theNix community. For this reason I would like to kick off a fundraiser for it. With that, flox will be donating the first $5,000. I hope the amazing companies and folks who are able to, those who are benefiting from Nix, can join us to make this happen.

Open Collective Page to Donate

First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude to the documentation team, and appreciation for their amazing work and their persistence. Onboarding to the Nix world remains the biggest pain point for new developers approaching our space for the first time. It is the biggest hurdle for wider adoption of Nix, and the docs team is tackling that and other core issues head-on.

However, the documentation team also faces many challenges familiar to open source projects. They need more resources, tools, feedback, and organizational support to keep up with the size of their task and the fast-paced development of the Nix ecosystem. We must continue to back their activities in whatever way we can.

The docs team created a project proposal for Google Season of Docs that aimed at raising $22k but sadly it was not accepted this time around. Instead of dropping the proposed plan into a lower gear, we would like to start a funding program so that our community can fund the crucial work of this team.

We think this will create benefits for the entire Nix community, anyone who wants to learn and use Nix, as well as the many companies that rely on it (and beyond). Help us lay the groundwork, attract more developers/contributors, foster more innovation, and strengthen our community.

You can find more information and details about the documentation team funding program and how to donate on the official fundraising website: Open Collective Page to Donate

Thank you all <3


hi there is it possible to enable Bitcoin payments on opencollective? i would like to donate in Bitcoin.


Anduril Industries will also pitch in with a €5,000 donation. We are happy to support the effort for improved documentation!


Awesome, thanks a lot! With that contribution we can start the planning phase.

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Great news! Excited to get going on this :slight_smile:

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