2024-02-08 Documentation team meeting notes #108



@Infinisil sorry but what is the point of adding the Jitsi url to this post?
I thought it was recorded. :blush:

I would like to watch if it was recorded, not all meetings but some if I got hooked by the notes. While I’m expressing this out, ignore as I think the cost of infrastructure won’t pay the amount of times I would watch or else I would be joining in the live, not watching after.

Maybe if you also add the next one schedule, someone with time could join even as a listener, motivated by those posts.

Feel free to join future meetings! I guess we should link to this instead, which also tells you when the meetings happen: https://github.com/NixOS/nix.dev/tree/master/maintainers#team-meetings. And while I can guarantee to generally join on Thursdays, I won’t be there on Mondays :slight_smile:

You’re probably confusing this with the early Nixpkgs Architecture Team meetings which were recorded, though that was also stopped because sometimes one doesn’t want everything you say to be set in stone forever (this was discussed here).