Accepting new members to the Marketing team

Hi NixOS community,

With marketing team we are reaching the end of our first milestone. We decided to stop accepting members at random times, but rather accept new members after each NixOS release.

Reason for accepting members only two times a year is simple: I takes time to onboard somebody. While we want to share ideas we also want to get stuff done. With this system we hope to rotate people in the team to bring new energy and also have the time to actually do the work.

What does it mean to be member of a Marketing team?

  • We meet every two weeks and have 30-60min meeting. It happened that the meeting only last 15min and also 2 hours. But those were exceptions.
  • What will you do is up to you. With the team you discuss the ideas and then you work on them. You can also volunteer for already existing ticket. As an example you can look at our current milestone.
  • It is expected that you plan to be part of the team (at least) until next release (6 months) and participate in meetings. As explained we work on 6 months cycles - following the release cycle of NixOS - and we expect somebody to be around for at least one cycle.
  • Before joining please read, and in case of any question please out here in comments.

How to join the Marketing team?

Clearly the topics that the marketing team will discuss are very bikesheddey. We would like to see the team being assembled from every corner of a Nix community. To join the team please write an email to and answer the following questions:

  • Why would you like to join the team?
  • Why are you interested in marketing Nix?
  • What drives you?
  • How would you contribute to the marketing team?
  • What is your idea what marketing team will work on, this year? Next year? Next 5 years?
  • What could be few easy fixes to the website that would solve problems that you heard others complain about Nix/NixOS?

The answers are actually not used to judge people if they are good enough to join, but to understand why the person is joining, their intent and their vision. Since we will discuss many things that could be very bikeshedding it is important that we understand each other’s position and the context we are arguing from.

Until when do I have the time?

The process is open for the next 3 week that is until 28th of October. Those of you who submit before next meeting (14th of October) can already join the meeting.

Looking forward for the next cycle in marketing team.



@garbas I have web dev skills and a lot of enthusiasm that I’d like to contribute at some point (my first point would be about some accessibility issues), but my wife and I are about to have our first child any day now.

Will there be openings in the future? If so, how often?

Thanks for your time,
Robert W. Pearce

@robertwpearce first congrats in advance for the baby.

As said we will be accepting new members after each NixOS release (every ~6 months). Take the time and join us when time allows you.

I’m not sure about joining the team per se but in case you need a hand with some well defined tasks feel free to reach to me. I can help with web stuff including Elm.

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@turboMaCk That would be great. We have plenty of small tasks that would be awesome to get some help. Feel free to join #nixos-marketing channel and ping me when you have the time.