Alacritty unrecoverable error after upgrade to 20.03

Alacritty no longer runs after upgrading to 20.03. It was running before with NixOS 19.09. The error message is:

Error creating GL context; Received multiple errors. Errors: `[OsError("Could not create EGL display object"), OsError("`glXQueryExtensionsString` found no glX extensions")]`

It isn’t clear what needs to be done to fix the problem.

Note this is similar to Alacritty crashs right after launch except I am running NixOS 20.03 rather than a non-NixOS system.

According to Alacritty #2243, it is supposed to be fixed in v0.3.0. NixOS 20.03 installs 0.3.3 but it clearly isn’t fixed yet.

On the unstable channel, alacritty is at version 0.4.3 .

It is not my default terminal, but I do use it from time to time. And for some reasons in my configuration.nix I cherry pick the unstable version for alacritty.

FWIW, I ran into this today after bumping my pinned nixpkgs version, a reboot fixed it.

I was unable to reproduce this with a build from unstable or from the 20.03 release branch.

Do you mind running strace alacritty to see if it crashes on a system call?

I don’t think I can easily reproduce the error now that I have rebooted.

This happened when I updated my pinned nixpkgs, ran nixos-rebuild switch and then tried to open a new terminal (already opened terminals continued to work).

You can find the commit containing my pinned nixpkgs update here. I suspect that if I built the system with the parent commit, applied that commit, did a rebuild without rebooting and opened a terminal then I’d be able to reproduce the issue.

I’m willing to do that if you think it would be worthwhile but given that it’s not as simple as just booting to an older generation and appears to be transient, I don’t know if it’s worth it.

I’ve solved my problem… I forgot I installed alacritty imperatively in my user profile to test it out and neglected to remove it when I added it to configuration.nix. That is why it was stuck at 0.3.3 (which had the problem running against NixOS 20.03). Removing it took it to 0.4.3 and the error went away. Thanks for your comments which jogged my memory and led to the cure.

Note: I took an strace before removing the alacritty in my user profile. I don’t know if it will help anyone because the error was caused by me but I can post it if desired.