Apply a patch to an input flake

I’d like to get the master + 1 pr of some software. There exists a flake for the software.

How/where would you do this?

Yeah, there’s currently not really a good story for this. I’ve heard that the lazy-trees branch has such a feature, but that’s still very experimental.

What I currently do (and I should really write this up somehow), is to patch the sources using pkgs.applyPatches, and then load that again as a flake and use the result for everything.

The function to patch a flake looks like this:

            applyPatches =
              { pkgs
              , name
              , src
              , patches
              , lockFileEntries ? { }
                numOfPatches = lib.length patches;

                patchedFlake =
                    patched = (pkgs.applyPatches {
                      inherit name src;
                      patches = map pkgs.fetchpatch2 patches;
                    }).overrideAttrs (_: prevAttrs: {
                      outputs = [ "out" "narHash" ];
                      installPhase = lib.concatStringsSep "\n" [
                          ${lib.getExe pkgs.nix} \
                            --extra-experimental-features nix-command \
                            --offline \
                            hash path ./ \
                            > $narHash

                    lockFilePath = "${patched.outPath}/flake.lock";

                    lockFile = builtins.unsafeDiscardStringContext (lib.generators.toJSON { } (
                      if lib.pathExists lockFilePath
                          original = lib.importJSON lockFilePath;
                          inherit (original) root;
                          nodes = original.nodes // lockFileEntries;
                      else {
                        nodes.root = { };
                        root = "root";

                    flake = {
                      inherit (patched) outPath;
                      narHash = lib.fileContents patched.narHash;
                  (import "${call-flake}/call-flake.nix") lockFile flake "";
              if numOfPatches == 0
                lib.trace "applyPatches: skipping ${name}, no patches" src
                lib.trace "applyPatches: creating ${name}, number of patches: ${toString numOfPatches}" patchedFlake;

which is part of my flake’s lib output. It depends on github:divnix/call-flake.

I then patch nixpkgs like so:

          nixpkgs-patched = self.lib.applyPatches {
            pkgs = flakeInputs.nixpkgs.legacyPackages.${system};
            name = "nixpkgs-patched-src";
            src = flakeInputs.nixpkgs;
            patches = patches.nixpkgs;

And use that everywhere instead of nixpkgs.

It’s also possible to pass aditional lock file entries, which mimicks the behaviour of follows:

          home-manager-patched = self.lib.applyPatches {
            inherit (self.legacyPackages.${system}) pkgs;
            name = "home-manager-patched-src";
            src = home-manager;
            patches = patches.home-manager;
            lockFileEntries = {
              nixpkgs.locked = {
                type = "path";
                path = self.legacyPackages.${system}.nixpkgs-patched-src.outPath;
                inherit (self.legacyPackages.${system}.nixpkgs-patched-src.sourceInfo) narHash;

I’ve been using this for a while and it works pretty well for me, but of course YMMV.

There are a few open issues about this: Flake: patch inputs? - #4 by blaggacao

The easiest is to fork the repo unfortunately.

will be possible with


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