Audio.nix - Packages for music production

Sharing my repository with music production related Nix packages in the hope that it is useful to some of you:

I’m mainly packaging Bitwig studio (including Beta versions) and several plugins: NeuralNote, Paulxstretch, Audio Assault Amp Locker, Atlas 2

For NeuralNote, I did several code fixes so it not only builds but also actually works under Linux. So for now, this might be the only place to get a Linux build. Amp Locker has some binary patching to replace a hardcoded path to /opt. Maybe this is also useful as a blueprint for others.

This is going to grow whenever I discover something that I want to use but isn’t in NixOS yet.



So, if this is something audio people need, why not just put these in Nixpkgs?

I’ve also had a quick look around in your repo and noticed your audioenv. You should probably use this instead: Nixpkgs 23.05 manual | Nix & NixOS.

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So, if this is something audio people need, why not just put these in Nixpkgs?

I don’t have the time to bring this to Nixpkgs standards and take on a maintainer role afterwards. If someone wants to pick this up and put in in Nixpkgs, be my guest. It’s all there up for grabs.

Thanks for the hint regarding audioenv. I mostly ditched the idea when Audio Assault stepped up their game and no longer requires a user-writeable /opt-location, despite still claiming this in their installation docs. The modules in this repo should be considered outdated and I recommend not using them.

I never imagined such a day would come we would have an out of tree projects for this type of programs, that’s amazing!

isn’t this the same kind of thing?