Audio.nix - Packages for music production

Sharing my repository with music production related Nix packages in the hope that it is useful to some of you:

I’m mainly packaging Bitwig studio (including Beta versions) and several plugins: NeuralNote, Paulxstretch, Audio Assault Amp Locker, Atlas 2

For NeuralNote, I did several code fixes so it not only builds but also actually works under Linux. So for now, this might be the only place to get a Linux build. Amp Locker has some binary patching to replace a hardcoded path to /opt. Maybe this is also useful as a blueprint for others.

This is going to grow whenever I discover something that I want to use but isn’t in NixOS yet.



So, if this is something audio people need, why not just put these in Nixpkgs?

I’ve also had a quick look around in your repo and noticed your audioenv. You should probably use this instead: Nixpkgs 23.11 manual | Nix & NixOS.


So, if this is something audio people need, why not just put these in Nixpkgs?

I don’t have the time to bring this to Nixpkgs standards and take on a maintainer role afterwards. If someone wants to pick this up and put in in Nixpkgs, be my guest. It’s all there up for grabs.

Thanks for the hint regarding audioenv. I mostly ditched the idea when Audio Assault stepped up their game and no longer requires a user-writeable /opt-location, despite still claiming this in their installation docs. The modules in this repo should be considered outdated and I recommend not using them.

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I never imagined such a day would come we would have an out of tree projects for this type of programs, that’s amazing!

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isn’t this the same kind of thing?

New plugin added for your music production pleasure: gRainbow

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New plugin: PAPU (GameBoy Synthesizer Emulator)

There’s now also a devshell and a package template for JUCE based plugins.


The Beta version of Bitwig Studio 5.2 is now available. If you want to get in on testing the hottest new features, you can now do so from the comfort of your NixOS system.


I’ve just packaged Bitwig Studio 5.2 Beta 2.

It seems as if Bitwig is switching from their download server with static URLs to something more “dynamic”. I was still able to get the download to work after removing authentication tokens from the URL (they don’t seem to gatekeep a Beta download behind a valid login yet), but I am not sure if this is going to work indefinitely.

I got the same hash downloading from different machines so I decided to publish the new derivation. However, if anyone is experiencing problems with the new Beta, I’d be thankful for a heads-up.