Call for testing: "This Week in NixOS"

Hello NixOS community!

We’re excited to announce a new initiative to try to keep you in the loop with all the exciting developments, updates, and discussions within the NixOS ecosystem.

Introducing “This Week in NixOS” – your go-to source for a comprehensive weekly digest, delivered straight to a Matrix channel in experimental capacity! [1]

What is “This Week in NixOS”?

Similar to - This Week in Matrix or

“This Week in NixOS Feed” is a curated newsletter-style update designed to provide you with a snapshot of the latest happenings in the NixOS world.

It is yet another attempt to overcome the difficulties for contributors and various folks of the community to offer condensed updates in a low-friction way and broadcast them to the community.

We already have the unstable announcement post: Breaking changes announcement for unstable, the release notes, the marketing team’s newsletter, the Discourse’s announcements category.

Nevertheless, all of them have a specific purpose and a certain scope, and sometimes they are not very helpful for certain updates which will never reach you out because of the lack of an easy way to push updates and another easy way to pull updates.

We aim to bring you a condensed overview of noteworthy events, discussions, and project highlights here.

In addition, it’s possible to export that feed to a classical blog post engine or a newsletter engine, though, the code has not been written as all my time have been spent dealing with the fact that Matrix ecosystem is unfortunately full of alpha grade software and a protocol specification written in a very interesting style, to stay polite. Get in touch if you want to work on this and learn how to do it :slight_smile: — I’m very open to collaborating on that and I need help!

How to Participate:

To send updates:
To receive updates:

What to Expect:

  1. Weekly Digests: Every week, we will ask contributors/participants of the community to compile and summarize key updates, releases, and discussions from the NixOS ecosystem.

  2. Community Highlights: Discover interesting projects, community contributions, and emerging trends within the NixOS community.

  3. Call for Contributions: Get involved! Join the participation room and present your own updates, help us make things easier to understand.

Why “This Week in NixOS”?

We understand that staying updated with the dynamic NixOS landscape can sometimes be overwhelming. “This Week in NixOS” aims to make it easier for you to stay informed, whether you’re a seasoned NixOS user or just getting started.

What are the sections?

Here’s an extract of the configuration:

      sections = map mkSection [
          emoji = "💬";
          name = "rfcs";
          title = "RFCs";
          order = 100;
          emoji = "🔧";
          name = "rfcsc";
          title = "RFC Steering Commitee";
          order = 150;
          emoji = "🧱";
          name = "foundation";
          title = "NixOS Foundation";
          order = 50;
          emoji = "❄️";
          name = "nix";
          title = "Nix";
          order = 200;
          emoji = "🎁";
          name = "nixpkgs";
          title = "nixpkgs";
          order = 220;
          emoji = "🖥️";
          name = "nixos";
          title = "NixOS";
          order = 210;
          emoji = "🚧";
          name = "infra";
          title = "Infrastructure";
          order = 230;
          emoji = "📚";
          name = "docs";
          title = "Documentation";
          order = 205;
          emoji = "🔭";
          name = "ecosystem";
          title = "Ecosystem";
          order = 250;

      projects = [
          emoji = "🤖";
          name = "ofborg";
          title = "Ofborg";
          description = "Ofborg is the CI for untrusted changes to Nixpkgs";
          default_section = "infra";
          website = "";
          name = "hydra";
          title = "Hydra";
          emoji = "🐉";
          description = "Hydra is the CI for building the accepted changes in Nixpkgs";
          default_section = "infra";
          website = "";
          emoji = "🏡";
          name = "homemanager";
          title = "Home-Manager";
          description = "Home-Manager is a Nixpkgs extension to enable declarative configuration of your /home using Nix";
          default_section = "ecosystem";
          website = "";

Feel free to suggest changes, once, we lift this piece of infrastructure over the NixOS organization, the code will be of course open source. In the meantime, this is hosted on my own infrastructure (

Looking forward to sharing the excitement of NixOS with you all every week!

[1]: This means, expect some bugs, downtime, redeployment, test messages and me fixing and complaining about Matrix a lot…


I like it!

Suggestion: Let’s call it “This week in Nix” instead, because not everything is about NixOS :slight_smile:


Interesting idea!

Although I think I’d prefer to have a standard RSS feed so I can use my own reader / set of filters :thinking:
A Matrix channel feels too “one-way-firehose” where I can’t filter / keep only what I want…


matrix2rss :slight_smile: should work too or even a native way to produce a RSS feed out of it.

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As you can see (in sections & projects), I purposefully kept the focus on Nixpkgs and NixOS as I do not want scope creep yet, but I am open to rename if someone chime in to manage this service with me.

That’s because Nix has a lot of visibility already via Discourse and other things. But I am open to discussing changes on this.

NixOS includes Nix and Nixpkgs, and Nix is the basis for Nixpkgs and NixOS.

You can say it either way, and IMO, none is excluding the other.


The problem is that non-NixOS users might think that this newsletter isn’t relevant for them. Similarly, news that’s not directly relevant for NixOS might not be posted for the same reason.

I guess “This week in Nix” might make people think it’s just about the Nix codebase. Alternatives to avoid this ambiguity: “This week in the Nix [ecosystem/platform]” or just “Nix [ecosystem/Platform] [news/updates]”.


The blog on the official website of nixos has weekly news, which seems to have stopped updating for a long time. Maybe we can pick it up again by manually merging everyone’s submissions?


FWIW this powers the “This Week in GNOME” blog: GitHub - haecker-felix/hebbot: A Matrix bot which can generate "This Week in X" like blog posts. You might be interested in checking out · main · Teams / Websites / · GitLab too.

Thanks for your efforts!