Casual Nix meetup in Paris - call for folks [February-March 2023]

Hi all!

We had a very nice Nix meetup in Paris last year organized by @RaitoBezarius.
I’d be happy to see you all again, and even happier to see some new faces!

I have no organization in mind nor plan.

For the venue, my company (Tweag) just moved in to a nice office that could maybe host it.
If we are more than a few, I would need to know how many people come to get proper authorizations.
I remember other people suggesting other venues: don’t hesitate to suggest them as well!

The target would be from 2023-02-06 (Monday) to 2023-03-05 (Sunday).
I’d personally exclude from 16th to 19th because I won’t be in Paris, but hey who would I be to prevent it to happen if I’m the only one? :slight_smile:

Suggested program would be to

  • people share about cool stuff they’ve done with Nix
  • possibly hack together (like the hack room at NixCon?)
  • :pizza:, :beer: & :beverage_box:
  • as always, joy and fun!

Don’t count me in then, I’m way too serious for that :face_with_monocle:

Joke aside, that’s great! :partying_face: Thanks for handling the no-organization of this. I don’t know whether I will be able to make it, but I hope so!


Cool idea ! February 6th I won’t be back from FOSDEM but but early march should work !

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Here’s the poll for dates!

The poll has spoken, let’s meet on March 22th! :tada:

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As the benevolent organizer for this meetup, I will gladly welcome you all at Tweag’s office at 7pm on March 22th! :partying_face:

How to access
207 Rue de Bercy, 75012 Paris
Ring the reception to open the door, then ask for Tweag. I’ll have to come downstairs to get you.

If you can’t find the place, or if you need any help, contact me on Matrix:
If you need my phone number, ask me via DM :slight_smile:

What we’ll do
Well, I don’t know! Please come discuss it!

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Oh, and please register on the event page: Nix Meetup - Mobilizon

Hosted by Flying Circus.