Casual Nix meetup in Paris - call for folks [February-March 2023]

Hi all!

We had a very nice Nix meetup in Paris last year organized by @RaitoBezarius.
I’d be happy to see you all again, and even happier to see some new faces!

I have no organization in mind nor plan.

For the venue, my company (Tweag) just moved in to a nice office that could maybe host it.
If we are more than a few, I would need to know how many people come to get proper authorizations.
I remember other people suggesting other venues: don’t hesitate to suggest them as well!

The target would be from 2023-02-06 (Monday) to 2023-03-05 (Sunday).
I’d personally exclude from 16th to 19th because I won’t be in Paris, but hey who would I be to prevent it to happen if I’m the only one? :slight_smile:

Suggested program would be to

  • people share about cool stuff they’ve done with Nix
  • possibly hack together (like the hack room at NixCon?)
  • :pizza:, :beer: & :beverage_box:
  • as always, joy and fun!

Don’t count me in then, I’m way too serious for that :face_with_monocle:

Joke aside, that’s great! :partying_face: Thanks for handling the no-organization of this. I don’t know whether I will be able to make it, but I hope so!


Cool idea ! February 6th I won’t be back from FOSDEM but but early march should work !

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Here’s the poll for dates!

Hosted by Flying Circus.