CONFLANG: talks available online

Dear Nix community,

Last month, the first Workshop on Configuration Languages (CONFLANG21) happened, including @edolstra , @Gabriel439 (Dhall), me and people from academia in the organizing committee.

We had great presentations and exciting chats about a very wide variety of subjects. We chose a slightly different format than a series of XX-minutes talks: we asked speakers to pre-record a standard, or long version of their talks (up to 30 minutes), that attendees could watch in advance (or after the workshop). At the actual event, speakers presented a lightening version (5min), enabling more talks and more space for discussion.

I think it worked great, and this is also good news for those who didn’t attend: both versions are now available in the corresponding playlists of the YouTube channel. You can either watch the short versions if you are in a hurry, go for the long version, or watch the short versions as teasers and select what talk you want to watch in full. You may also have a look at the program, for a better overview of the available talks than the YouTube playlist.



Are there any videos of the live Q&A sessions?

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The whole workshop was automatically recorded by ACM, I think, but I haven’t had news of this since the event. Let me ask them if the recordings are available somewhere, and get back to you.