Tweag + Nix dev update #22


UX work

  • @thufschmitt, @garbas, @taeer grouped together with @tomberek from to make the flake-local options more usable.
    This led to #5544 and #5546, which together should make the feature useful-enough for most cases.

    @yorickvP also fixed an extra related bug (#5623)

  • @balsoft worked on making Nix follow the XDG base directory spec so that it stops polluting the user’s profiles (#5588 and #146515), hopefully fixing a several-years-old issue (#1079).

  • @balsoft also started a reflection on making --expr more useful with flakes (#5567).

  • @mopleen worked on adding suggestions to nix-env -i (#5594)
    While this is far from complete yet (the suggestion algorithm is very basic and it only covers this one command), this opens the door to some very nice UX improvements :slight_smile:

  • @thufschmitt and @mopleen worked on making the error messages point to the expected files when using flakes (#5625)



  • @litchipi started working on making user-defined types possible (#464)
  • @yannham added an OCaml-style |> operator to make it easy to compose operations (#457)
  • @yannham opened a meta-issue to track all the important design decisions to be made before a first release (#462)
  • Avi-D-Coder worked on making the LSP tolerant to parsing errors (#456)

And that’s all, folks