Current status of Emacs 29

Does anyone know what the status is of Emacs 29?

I found this discussion on an Emacs 29 overlay, but it’s half a year old.

What is currently recommended for people who want Emacs 29 on NixOS with support for both Elisp native compilation and tree-sitter?

Emacs 29.1 has been merged in unstable as part of this PR. A backport to 23.05 was planned, but nobody carried that out, it seems.

Elisp native compilation is enabled since Emacs 28.1, and Emacs 28.2 is already part of the 23.05 release.

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Ah nice, just the kind of answer I was hoping for :slight_smile:

I’ll tackle this tonight, because a bug on glib-networking needs to be backported too.