Emacs 29 Overlay

I see that Emacs 29 is not even in unstable of 22.11, so what is the best way to get it?

I’ve found this overlay, but it only defines unstable, which is still emacs-28 and emacs-git, which is the tip of emacs git master;), which is a bit extreme;)

Any other overlays that’ll just get a clean Emacs 29?:wink:

You can probably override source in emacs-overlay to point to release branch. OTOH the master hasn’t had any big changes since branch-off, and its quite safe to continue on it. You can even pin overlay to a specific commit right at branch-off.

Now I have Emacs 30, it seems;)

  services.emacs.package = pkgs.emacsUnstable;

  nixpkgs.overlays = [
      (import (builtins.fetchTarball {
            url = https://github.com/nix-community/emacs-overlay/archive/master.tar.gz;

when putting this in packages:


ok, this was a bad idea, since it now rebuilds emacs every time I nixos-rebuild;)

I’ll try to pin to commit;)

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Add nix-community cachix cache to your config, then emacs rebuilds shouldn’t be an issue.

it is a gamble. even matching nixpkgs revision to the emacs-overlay revision from Hydra, cache substitution does not work most of the times.

i don’t understand why. because in the past i tested and cache would indeed be available in cachix, but Nix would not pick it up.

Indeed cache was hit-and-miss in the past. But at least for past 3
months, I’ve not had any trouble hitting the cache. I haven’t overridden
nixpkgs version though, let the overlay have its own copy and don’t
remember actually building Emacs in a long time.

Yuu Yin via NixOS Discourse discourse@discourse.nixos.org writes:

oh they added a flake.lock recently Add nixpkgs input and create lock file · nix-community/emacs-overlay@9974b66 · GitHub

that will help

but hydra does not use the revision on flake.lock anyway…

0f213d0fee84280d8c3a97f7469b988d6fe5fcdf from emacs-overlay/flake.lock at 971cda71cb9cfc01462cbac5b36856e7a0718e5f · nix-community/emacs-overlay · GitHub


68196a61c26748d3e53a6803de3d2f8c69f27831 from Hydra - Build 3174589 of job emacs-overlay:unstable:emacsGit