Exciting Partnership Announcement: Framework Community & NixOS Communities Join Forces!

Dear NixOS Community,

We are thrilled to announce a unique partnership between the Framework community and the NixOS community! This collaboration aims to foster innovation in hardware enablement, enhance user experience, and strengthen our collective commitment to open-source hardware and software.

As part of this partnership, we are launching a special initiative to empower enthusiasts like you to contribute to the improvement of documentation and support for the Framework laptop within the NixOS ecosystem. Here’s how it works:

What We’re Offering:

We are offering the opportunity for selected community members to receive a Framework laptop in exchange for actively participating in support requests and enhancing documentation specific to the Framework laptop on NixOS.

How to Participate:

If you’re passionate about open-source technology and eager to contribute, we encourage you to apply for this program by filling out the application form here: https://kumo.lahfa.xyz/apps/forms/s/wee8EFnc2enJazw4JQzDFXGP [1].

Expectations on Why You Would Be a Good Fit for This Opportunity:

We are seeking candidates who exhibit a strong track record of active contribution within the NixOS community.

For example, individuals who have been active contributors in projects such as nixos-hardware and nixpkgs, demonstrating their expertise in hardware enablement, are highly encouraged to apply. Additionally, candidates who have actively participated in documenting hardware configurations in the NixOS wiki or manual showcase their commitment to transparency and accessibility, which are integral to the success of this initiative.

Besides, we highly value individuals from marginalized backgrounds who stand to benefit significantly from this opportunity. Our aim is to foster diversity and inclusion within the NixOS community while enhancing support for Framework laptops.

Selection Process:

We will carefully review all applications and select participants based on their enthusiasm, expertise, and willingness to actively engage in support and documentation efforts. Selected community members will be contacted directly on May 13th, 2024.

Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication. We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey together!

[1]: From a GDPR perspective, data processing must adhere to strict guidelines to ensure the protection of individuals’ personal information.

As the server owner of https://kumo.lahfa.xyz, I am committed to upholding these principles. Any data collected will be processed in compliance with GDPR regulations, with measures in place to safeguard against unauthorized access, disclosure, or misuse.

It’s important to note that only authorized personnel, namely myself as the server owner, will have access to this data.

Furthermore, any sharing of this data will be limited to internal use within the NixOS Foundation, ensuring that it remains within a trusted and controlled environment.

If you have any concern, please feel free to reach out to me directly.


I use a Framework laptop for work running NixOS and can confirm it already works pretty great with turning on the nixos-hardware module.

I will not be applying, but I would like to help out with any QA/testing of anything that comes out of this.


Thank you for this message of support! I actually am in a similar position, my loved one has a Framework 13" AMD that I gifted them and I do the NixOS maintenance for them.

I will not applying (conflict of interest, of course), but I will help with QA/testing and facilitating nixos-hardware work and supporting anyone benefiting from this! :slight_smile:


Hi, thanks for that great announcement. I was planning to get a framework and will likely have some free time soon so this is quite interesting.

This partnership entails selected community members receiving a Framework laptop

Is there an already known maximu number of how many candidates could be selected ?

to receive a Framework laptop in exchange for actively participating in support requests and enhancing documentation specific to the Framework laptop on NixOS.

is the laptop given or lent ? is there going to be contractual number of hours ? What if the person receives a laptop and does nothing in return (sry my brain always imagines the worst scenario first) ?


The laptop is given. I do not have contractual details yet but I believe the idea is to support reasonably the folks that needs help with Framework and support the NixOS expressions surrounding it.

If someone receives a laptop and does nothing in return, this is embarrassing, I believe we will need the person to return the laptop in one piece to me or someone else who pledge to work on it.
Ideally, the work through the forms is to select folks who have shown track record to do work and show it.

Obviously, we all have a life and it is perfectly understandable to have unexpected events that may rescind some work someone wants to do. We are aware of this and if this would arise, we would work to our utmost to figure out a solution that makes sense for the Framework Community and the NixOS community and the individual.

We know a lower bound: 3.

We do not know an upper bound yet, I suppose, this is also our opportunity to show what the NixOS community can do in terms of quality work :slight_smile:. I’m exciting to see this!


Might this mean Framework will officially support NixOS? According to Status of Official Linux Distribution Support - Framework Team - Framework Community the only Linux distros that Framework officially support are Ubuntu LTS and Fedora.


Under assumption that things go well, it’s my understanding this would be the plan for the Framework folks, yes.


This is very interesting, especially seeing the “Unannounced model (NDA)” option. I hope it’s aarch64 since imo, x86 is an architecture which needs to go away. Plus, Frameworks have always been interesting ever since I saw LTT’s first video on it. I would be interested in seeing how fast it could compile LLVM.


Now I am even more interested!
Unfortunately it would be almost impossible to import one to Brazil.


for the “unreleased model (NDA)”, how would that NDA impact the form of one’s contributions? (potential) code contributions would go into some private repo until the NDA is lifted? or the NDA is broad enough that contributions can still go into public repos just under some product codename until the model is formally released?

notably, i keep the config for all my hosts public, and since i share a lot between these hosts my concern is if the NDA has implications for how i manage those configs.


I have a FW16 running NixOS and would be happy to contribute to documentation and similar.


It’s fantastic to see some OEM support of NixOS!


I have a FW 13" 12th gen running NixOS and I’d also like to help out with testing or docs!

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Neat! Framework makes great stuff.

Is this Github issue related to this effort?

It is. (20 chars limit)

I have an 13’’ AMD and an 11th gen i5 humming along in a fractal case. Would be happy to help with testing and/or documentation.

Though this category of question is pretty much impossible to answer because NDAs are a thing, it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s just the boring next intel platform in the boring old current chassis. (Boring is good.) Don’t go all hype with speculation. It is time for a refresh, and devices are under NDA until they aren’t.


I won’t apply for this project to receive a laptop. But I am strongly thinking about purchasing it to “play along at home” and help that way when I can because this is so exciting to me (and could be a good way for me to get back into nixos on the desktop)


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