(experiment) NixCon 2019 Call for Request for Papers

So I though it might be interesting to ask the community what kind of talks and such they would be interested in hearing, maybe someone else would be interested in giving a talk on it.

Thread protocol:

  • If you have a topic idea / suggestion, make a post.
  • If you’re interested in a topic, like the post. This will be a bit clumsy to get an overview of, but I haven’t figured out a good way to do an editable poll, let alone one which also keeps vote counts.

I’d love to listen to a high-level overview of our aarch64 efforts and learn what do we have in regards of infrastructure, what are the differences and specifics for this arch and what is on the roadmap to make it a first-class architecture (if it is not already).


Roadmaps sound more suitable for some kind of workshop/discussion rather than a standard talk. Declaring a roadmap probably won’t do much by itself, as you need people willing to work towards those particular goals.

There’s quite a lot aarch64 hardware on Hydra, and I think it won’t be hard to get some more if it turns out we need that. On that level it certainly is first-class already. Packages tend to have more breakages than on x86_64-linux, but I’d say it’s catching on better than darwin, thanks to closer similarity and perhaps better availability. (I’m really only speaking of build time, as I don’t really use aarch64 – I mainly see it on Hydra and occasionally try to fix big regressions.)


If something, this could be a good lightning talk (5 mins), at least about the current state, without actually going on a roadmap.


Does anyone want to give a in-depth presentation on how all of the cross-compilation stuff works? I would be interested in hearing where we are at in the current effort, what works and what doesn’t.


In the interest of cross-pollination, could we get something on Guix?


I’d be interested in learning about the ins and outs of opengl apps on NixOS and non-NixOS. LD_LIBRARY_PATH, wrapping, directly linking against nvidia_x11 or not, etc. It seems there is a lot of things you can do wrong when packaging these apps.