NixCon 2020 Call for Creativity

Let’s generate ideas! In the spirit of @deliciouslytyped’s call for request for papers last year, tell us what you’re interested in learning or hearing more about.

  • Reply with your topic idea(s).
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n.b. The CFP is here. We currently have a notion of “talk” and “lightning-talk”. If you have a different format in mind for a session, (maybe a “workshop” or “tutorial”?) just describe it in your submission. :slight_smile:


Perhaps a bit predictable: Flakes – where do things stand and what needs to be done before the first stable Nix release with flakes?


I would be interested in a discussion about the future of language ecosystems where we now largely rely on reproduceable lockfiles + vendoring (e.g. Rust and Go). Is this the path we would like to continue on or do we eventually want to model these dependencies as separate Nix derivations? If the latter, what are the roadblocks and what is required to remove them?

(Posted this in a separate comment, to separate votes.)


That’s probably a good idea. What do you have in mind? Maybe a regular 25 min talk outlining how its done with the various languages followed by a longer (25 min?) discussion on that topic?

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That sounds like a good format!

My idea is to elaborate on Kubernetes and the current state in NixOS. I hope this could move our efforts forward in having a similar experience k3s provides, but with the strong benefits of the nix ecosystem. We could layout the packaging efforts, design decisions and upgrade process in NixOS. The audience could provide us valuable input for the future of NixOS and Kubernetes.

cc @johanot @srhb

ref: Kubernetes: The NixOS-module of the future - #3 by johanot


I’m hoping to give a talk on Java.and similar JVM languages and why they are hard to model in Nix at the moment.

It’s more in the spirit of: when the tools don’t easily what you need & what can we do about it.