First PR, anything else to do? Or just wait?

Hi there,

Just sent up my first PR to add a service to NixOS, Filebrowser service by sdellysse · Pull Request #306615 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

Was curious if I just wait, or is there some place on here or some other community thingy to mark it as ready?

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There is the big ol’ PRs ready for review thread:

That said, your PR has only been up for a few hours, you can probably just give folks time to get around to it. If it’s been a few days/weeks it makes more sense to come back.

You could post it to the PRs Ready for Review thread! Outside of that, it’s just waiting for someone to come around and review it, unfortunately. I have noticed that PRs on that list do get more eyes on them, for what it’s worth.

Edit: Didn’t notice the above reply mentioning the thread, whoops :sweat_smile:

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Thanks all! I’ll hold off from posting on that other thread for a day or two, but thanks for the advice!

Yes, it can take a while for a PR to get accepted. Respond to inquiries and just wait until it is merged. It can feel a bit frustrating the first time, but you get used to it. There’s a lot of PRs going around.

On another note, thanks for creating this. I’m planning to set up this service on my NAS soon and this is perfect timing and will spare me some work :slight_smile:. So if it’s not merged by then, I’ll add a review soon.