Flashing hardware using edge browser in nixOS

Apparently it is about Web Serial API. I tried flashing a device with meshtastic software from their site https://flasher.meshtastic.org/
under edge browser in nixOS on a lenovo T480s but it failed and I had to use arghhh my windows 11 machine dell latitude 5400. Wondering if this is a fundamental issue or if there is a simple configuration.nix setting or fix. (have not tried chromium … not installed that …). I seem to remember I always switch eventually to a windows machine when flashing e.g. SD cards for raspberry pi images too. Is there an issue here? Cheers !

I was able to use chromium to flash some hardware for home assistant but I had to either sudo chmod a+w /dev/ttyACM* or add my user to the dialout group in order for the permissions to work.

Not sure if it’s the same issue but sounds similar!