Gaming on Nix 0s

I just would like to know if its possible for gaming on Nix os by using steam wine and lutris

I play video games with Steam and Lutris. It’s possible.

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I use steam and its built-in proton distributions and am able to play everything I care about. I even run mods using custom versions of Proton. I’ve used Lutris before for some things but I don’t currently need it.

Please note that the operating system name is NixOS and not Nix 0s :slight_smile: is pretty accurate. Just install steam with its option (programs.steam.enable), rather than environment.systemPackages, or it will not work.

For games not playable as steam games, has worked well IME.

The latter is for the less faint of heart, and often requires knowing really well what directx/proton/all the various intermediate projects for Linux are and how they interact, as well as managing wine versions, and probably some significant experience with nix while you’re at it so you’re not stuck scratching your head over a missing Maybe I should recommend the flatpak instead.

But overall it’s totally doable, I’ve not touched Windows in well over a decade. It’s getting much easier to game on Linux in general - NixOS has its quirks because of the details of how it manages dynamic linking, but once you figure that out it’s just as usable as any generic Linux distro.

easy-anti-cheat will still spoil your fun, though often it can be circumvented. My strategy is just not to play any games that use it, or otherwise come from major publishers.

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Steam will work out of the box, most of the time (except for some old games maybe). As for Lutris and GOG games, they often require quirks and be run with steam-run, and sometimes add a few extra libs to run them…

Thank for your replies on gaming but now I have a issue last night I downloaded NIX OS the gnome version I downloaded from the website the packages, I could not find a software center in Nixos. So this what I downloaded:
nix-shell -p **gnome.gnome-tweaks, nix-shell -p steam, nix-shell -p qbittorrent, nix-shell -p lutris I copied all one by one in the console but when I done the search for them starting in gnome tweaks I noticed I could find it the same for all the others they didn’t show up I can’t find them Did I do something wrong ?

Please do not ask the same question in multiple places (Downloading packages with Nixos issue) without mentioning that. It might cause people to waste effort on answering a question that might have already been answered.

Thanks for the advise