GeNix7000: Nix Project Logo Generator

Fire all of your designers, Tweag, Serokell, Flox (and all other Nix-y companies)! #joke
This is the ultimate, parametric and reproducible solution to all your branding problems!

It kinda went out of control, and I’ve made an openscad customizer, which supports a really wide range of Nix-y logos. Including original one.

I hope that posting this at discourse will be apotheosis of this joke, and I stop wasting my time on it D:


Quoting from your commit log:

wtf cab



Uhm, hi this is really, really neat, even though I have no idea what I’d do with it. Thanks for making/sharing.

I’m quite tickled, actually. :slight_smile:

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You would probably think of me as a madman, but official Nix logo is atrocious. I will probably redo it to be more precise soon.

(LIke seriously, top and bottom corners are not even vertical! You can’t unsee that!)


This is it. The perfection. @edolstra pls admire


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So, I’ve boiled down the Nix logo down to 4 hardcoded variables. You can change those to get different (sometimes strange) results)

These versions of original logo with nice constraints. I’ve also made a script to export them automatically :smiley:

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And here’s a load/unload animation, cause it looks like everyone likes animations:


I wonder if that could somehow be turned into a flake that offers a Plymouth config with boot animations.


This is the honest logo, a bunch of razor blades sticking out :stuck_out_tongue:


Precise Nix logo rework (aka genix7000) by cab404 · Pull Request #84 · NixOS/nixos-artwork · GitHub aaand the logical conclusion?

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Now look at this!! :slightly_smiling_face:
Hacked together yesterday evening/this morning and it barely works. :sweat_smile:

I just threw the video from @cab at ezgif mp4 to png converter which is really unclean, but at least I got some images…

PRs welcome :grin:

Edit: I have no clue about flakes so if somebody wants to actually add a flake… :sweat_smile:


That’s awesome! Love it. :heart:

I can send you original PNGs exported from openscad)

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Nice work, thanks

Flake PR submitted :wink:

nix run github:cab404/genix7000

When merged

edit: responded to wrong comment :rofl:
edit2: added flake pr to @Melkor333 project too


Now we can run GeNix7000 without UI

nix run github:cab404/genix7000#to-image -- bla.png --camera '0,0,480,0,0,0'  --colors '["grey", "cyan"]' --num 6
nix run github:cab404/genix7000#to-image -- --help
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