Google Season of Docs 2024: Call for Proposals to Enhance Nix Documentation

Google Season of Docs will begin accepting applications starting tomorrow. The Google Season of Docs programme “provides direct grants to open source projects to improve their documentation and gives professional technical writers an opportunity to gain experience in open source.”

This represents an immense opportunity to suggest proposals that potential candidates can work on to better document the Nix ecosystem over a 6 month period. These proposals should suggest ways in which the Nix documentation can be improved upon and maintained in an organic way. To give a more concrete example of what this means, consider this proposal from a successfully completed project from the 2022 edition of the programme, which uses CI/CD pipelines to create doc comments from the source code whenever files are updated or added and successfully merged, which are then added directly to the documentation website through another pipeline.

The proposal should describe some novel approach towards enhancing the Nix documentation or suggest ways to enhance the existing documentation workflows in a way that would make the Nix documentation overall easier to manage and maintain in the long term. We welcome proposals that suggest innovative ways to tackle maintainability issues within the Nix ecosystem, but are also creative and insightful and convey information in unexpected ways such as here.