This month in Nix documentation - #6 - March to May 2024


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Recent changes

This is a list of all recent changes made to documentation in the Nix ecosystem.




  • #244 replace unoffical wiki links with offical ones (@jopejoe1)
  • #238 Update - fix NixOps link (@noamraph)
  • #237 Update - “input derivations” → “input sources” (@noamraph)
  • #236 preface: Remove mention of root prompt (@jtojnar)
  • #235 use derivation instead of mkDerivation (@noamraph)
  • #233 Convert from docbook to mdbook (@noamraph)
  • #232 treewide: Format all Nix code according to RFC-166 (@dasJ)


New tracking issues

  • #301574 Rename “Nix” to “Nix language” when it refers to the language
  • #966 Expand and improve the Module System tutorial

Accepted RFCs

  • #166 [RFC 0166] Nix formatting, take two (@piegamesde)

    While not strictly related to documentation, @piegames and @infinisil concluded the technical discussion and strategic decision-making on formatting Nix language code in Nixpkgs, and are currently working on refining the implementation. Standardisation of formatting can be expected to reduce the total overhead of making code contributions, and also reduce the effort required for writing code style guides.