How to get the Citrix Workspace package to accept the EULA?

Name: citrix-workspace
Source License: Unfree

I asked my question to the dev Philipp Menke, but he is not responding, but maybe one of you is using Citrix Workspace or is willing to try it out and help me.

I am trying to get the package to work, but it keeps erroring out on the eula acceptance.
How can I accept the eula and install the package properly in my configuration.nix ?

I added the package to my configuration.nix and the allowUnfree below. What else do I need to do?

nixpkgs.config.allowUnfree = true;

How are you trying to install it?

The setting you mention only has an effect if you try to install it through the system configuration.

If you want to install by any other mean, you have to selectively enable unfree packages there as well, how exactly depends on the way you try to install it.

Yes I install from the configugation.nix


nixpkgs.config.allowUnfree = true;

How exactly? Are you just adding citrix-workspace to the environment.systemPackages list?

What is the exact error with that?

I think the package needs to be updated from version to version . Otherwise it gets a download error,

In order to use Citrix Workspace, you need to comply with the Citrix EULA and download
the 64-bit binaries, .tar.gz from:

(if you do not find version there, try at

Once you have downloaded the file, please use the following command and re-run the

nix-prefetch-url file://$PWD/linuxx64-


error: builder for '/nix/store/gdf93i7qj30qnad8k7zj3hpsipzxl66a-linuxx64-' failed with exit code 1
error: 1 dependencies of derivation '/nix/store/ga66xxznxxh3qr2fz9h0jg3i47mrzc6r-citrix-workspace-' failed to build
error: 1 dependencies of derivation '/nix/store/aw9hidadbcxfnlv9i87dnh50kzhhjn7w-system-path.drv' failed to build
error: 1 dependencies of derivation '/nix/store/4ylab2zc9bhg84l6yj5qigzr42xb68ym-nixos-system-nixos-22.05.915.9ff91ce2e4c.drv' failed to build

[henry@nixos:~]$ nix-prefetch-url file://$PWD/linuxx64-
error: unable to download 'file:///home/henry/linuxx64-': Couldn't read a file:// file (37)

There is no download error, there are instructions that tell you where to go and to manually download the file in question and then adding it to the store properly and finally re-run the installation.

Due to their practice of requiring you to confirm the EULA before downloading, this step is necessary.

Indeed that works! Thanks!

Can I insert this procedure into the configuration.nix ?

No, you can’t. If that was possible, it would have been done in the derivation already.

is this not something that can be done declratively? it goes against the nixos principles

You can not “declaratively” open a website, click on “yes I agree on the terms and conditions”, and download from some arbitrary CDN… The download is gated and requires interactivity.

As said already, if it was possible, it had been done.

As it is now, is what is possible.