Howto: Disable most gnome default applications (and what they are)

Installing gnome also installs a lot of default applications, sometimes you may want to use different applications instead in which case the gnome native applications can get a little annoying.
Luckily there is a config option to disable them.

Below is an expression that disables them all with comments describing their function:

  environment.gnome.excludePackages = with pkgs.gnome; [
    baobab      # disk usage analyzer
    cheese      # photo booth
    eog         # image viewer
    epiphany    # web browser
    gedit       # text editor
    simple-scan # document scanner
    totem       # video player
    yelp        # help viewer
    evince      # document viewer
    file-roller # archive manager
    geary       # email client
    seahorse    # password manager

    # these should be self explanatory
    gnome-calculator gnome-calendar gnome-characters gnome-clocks gnome-contacts
    gnome-font-viewer gnome-logs gnome-maps gnome-music gnome-photos gnome-screenshot
    gnome-system-monitor gnome-weather gnome-disk-utility pkgs.gnome-connections

Finally there also is pkgs.gnome.gnome-terminal, but disabling that might lock you out of your system.


Thank you for sharing @busti ! I have wanted to do this for a while but never looked into it.

Adding on to that, services.gnome.core-utilities.enable = false; disables them all at once.