Installing steam

Hi To install Steam what commands to I have to put into the terminal?

In what context? nixos?

If it’s nixos, then you need to add programs.steam.enable = true; to your configuration.nix, then do a sudo nixos-rebuild switch.

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Nix os the gnome version I’ m trying to install Steam and wine

so to install wine should be like this in the terminal = true and after
sudo nixos-rebuild switch . that all you need to install via command line in the terminal ?

No, there is no such nixos option. For wine, you just install it in environment.systemPackages.

You can search what options, and packages, for that matter, are available via Just make sure to select the right search mode (options vs packages, and the right channel).

@Batman111 welcome aboard the nixos rolercoaster!

To install apps such as steam you edit the file /etc/nixos/configuration.nix and then perform the command
sudo nixos-rebuild switch
to make it happen. Before you do that, it is good to use
sudo nixos-rebuild build
to help debugging.

The contents of the configuration.nix should include:
nixpkgs.config = {
allowUnfree = true;
This allows commercial packages such as steam to be installed
programs = {
steam = {
enable = true;
remotePlay.openFirewall = true; # Open ports in the firewall for Steam Remoteplay
dedicatedServer.openFirewall = true; # Open ports in the firewall for steam server

From memory that should work - feel free to follow up if not!

I think you might still need a very basic start on NixOS. The graphical installer makes it pretty easy to install NixOS, but you end up with a system you don’t understand.

This video series is pretty good, especially the first video will help you understand a few things (though the installation part of the video talks about things you don’t need anymore): [video] NixOS: How it works and how to install it!

This video ignores the installation bit because it assumes graphical installation, so you might get less bored: Distrotube — NixOS Is The Power User Distro (Now With An Easy Installer!)

It’s a shame there’s no basic video on using NixOS as a normal Joe. Everybody just installs it and then adds a package or two, without even explaining how works.

Personally, I just read the NixOS manual when I started, everything post-installation is very relevant to you: NixOS 22.11 manual

But I also started out pretty comfortable with non-graphical desktop use, so I’m not sure this is as easy to grok for someone who prefers a graphical installer.

NixOS is very different from other distros, to install things you don’t really enter commands into the terminal. It’s more involved, focusing on “declarative” configuration, i.e. you edit some files and then ask NixOS to make the changes you made to the files real. But the above resources should help understand that better.

SnowflakeOS is a project that might be more up your alley, it’s essentially NixOS with a preinstalled configuration for users who prefer a GUI, focused more on helping you get started:

It’s not really ready yet, unfortunately, but if you get stuck with NixOS maybe give it a shot, or at least watch that space :slight_smile:

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Thank you I will snowflakes for the moment till and learn more on Nix os completely different to any other distro