January 2020 in NixOS

Let’s see how this goes!

First of all, let’s talk methodology. This will focus on merged PRs in the nixpkgs/nixos repository. Any change sent directly to master will not be seen. I’m not focusing on WIP and upcoming changes, only what’s already in!

I’m combing through a dump of the PRs, looking at what caught my eye. I will likely miss package bumps and new packages you liked. Please share them if you know of notable ones!


This January, we merged 1588 PRs. Of these, 409 were automated. Giving us 1179 PRs.

(I’m sorry, starting here GitHub doesn’t give the right tooling to dig more deeply with links here.)

Of the 1126 targeting master or staging, 154 are new packages, and 909 are package updates.

Notable PRs

Notably broken, then fixed

  • #76972 #77525 fixing glibc cross-compilation after gcc upgrades.

Notably reverted

New packages

Package upgrades

New modules


Disclaimer: 21 PRs got caught in an incident that made them lose their original title, this affects some of the stats.

Finally, some homework for you: I want you all to tell me what caught your interest in January! Reminder: what was merged in January!


Thank you so much @samueldr.
I actually had the exact same idea like this last month, and actually a while.
My idea was to give people a way to keep up the massive amount of work that goes into NixOS development, but at a glance.

Lmk, I could help out with this.


@worldofpeace you can! And the best way is to tell us, right here, right now, what you noticed and you want everyone to know. Even better if you can tell us why!

Thank you @samueldr, this is great!

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I noticed that I’m doing to much :rofl: Perhaps I can commentate on the work that I was involved in January.

Notable PRs

Out of the notable PRs I authored 1 of them (rename iso_graphical to iso_plasma5).
Was waiting on that one forever to get a more specific name for the iso artifact.
There’s still in progress discussion to make room for a Gnome 3 flavored ISO.

New Packages

I’ve been involved in helping @mkg20001 integrate Cinnamon into nixpkgs extensively and I believe everyone could look forward to that being in NixOS 20.09.

Package upgrades

Always, and too many to count or remember :grin:

New modules

Thank you @petabyteboy for making the https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/77408, it helped me out a lot.


I authored https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/78583 and https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/78004. I made the mtrack/multitouch module removal after talking with pained users confusing it for libinput. I ultimately made the decision to remove it.
I was also happy to get https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/77989 merged with @Ma27 and the wonderful work that lblasc has contributed.

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