Join the Package Maintainer Team

Hello everyone,

In RFC #39 we agreed to create a Nixpkgs Maintainers Team on GitHub, and I’m about to start inviting people to join.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be inviting all the package maintainers to join this team. If you’re a maintainer, read on!

What This Means To You

Most importantly: OfBorg will request your review of PRs against your packages.

You’ll be invited to the Nixpkgs Maintainers team, and you will be officially a Member of the NixOS Organization on GitHub.

Note: Please do not @ the team on pull requests or issues.

Why Make the Team?

The goal of this team is to involve package maintainers in reviewing pull requests against their packages.

Maintainers have explicitly taken a responsibility for their package, and want to know about updates to their package’s expression. However, Nixpkgs receives over 1,000 pull requests each month and subscribing to them all is not a reasonable requirement to maintain a package. This team will help us involve maintainers in their packages’ pull requests.

The ideal outcome is that package maintainership means a more active role in reviewing and approving changes to Nixpkgs.

When You’ll Be Invited

We will be adding people to the team in stages. From the RFC:

  1. Select a small group of maintainers who are not committers to be part of the first round, and manually run the tooling
  2. Pause half a week to see what changes
  3. Expand the group to one quarter of the maintainers
  4. Pause a half a week to gauge response
  5. Expand the group to one half of the maintainers
  6. Wait one week
  7. Expand the group to all of the maintainers

Requirements to Join

  • Your account will need to have 2FA enabled.
  • You must already maintain some packages.

Fantastic work @grahamc, and anyone/everyone else involved!


I am only maintaining a small number of packages (git grep says 12 packages and one test). But I wouldn’t mind being a guinea pig. Of course, if you are looking for more high-profile package maintainers, I can understand as well!

I have 2FA enabled, my GitHub handle is danieldk


I’m up for the challenge as well. I’m fairly new to NixOS but I like the idea from a management point of view. I also have a new package PR which wasn’t even reviewed at all - I hope it will get some attention here as well.

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Sign me up, I mostly maintain azure python packages, but I already do a bunch of reviews anyway.

[18:57:56] jon@jon-desktop /home/jon/projects/nixpkgs (master)
$ git grep jonringer -- pkgs | wc -l

Already recommended you :+1:


I’m keen if you’ll have me :+1: I have 2FA and already maintain a few packages. I do some kubernetes-related stuff and like to work with OCaml packages. I also do some other miscellaneous stuff :smile:


:wave: I’ll give it a shot. I’ve mostly been trying to help with random PRs, but owning and focusing on certain segments would help.



something something 20 character limit


:raised_hand: Wouldn’t mind giving it a shot too (

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:raised_hand: I also wouldn’t mind giving it a shot. Listed as maintainer of 4 packages in nixpkgs. (have 2FA enabled)


:raised_hand: I’m also interesed. I’m a maintainer of 7 packages and just configured 2FA ( )


I’m interested as well.

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BTW I’ve invited everybody who has explicitly asked for it :slight_smile: when I like your comment, I’ve invited you :wink:


I’d like to join in as well, got a lot of packages and it’s been bugging me that I can’t really do much about PRs involving them.


Me too!


I’d like to join please o/
GitHub username is badi

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I’d like to join too:


The only active package on nixpkgs that i am currently listed as maintainer for is nodejs but i’d definitely like to try it even just for that :wink:

Thank you for this initiative, i think it’s great and might have a very tangible positive impact!