List of email addresses to post to Discourse

As a follow-up to How close Discourse can be to a good ML (for those who want it)? - #5 by ryantm

Here is the list of email addresses to post to new threads to categories. This thread should be updated when new categories appear:

The Inbox category is now unnecessarily and will be disabled in the future.


I wonder if it would be possible somehow to alias
e.g. to

zimbatm via Nix community writes:

You can set up something like this. On the Haskell discourse I set it up so that * forwarded onto another account which is then polled for incoming mail.

Then you set all the reply-to emails (like reply to topic, topic creation etc) to {foo} and it worked fine.

Now that the migration to Flying Circus is complete, should the addresses be updated?

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@zhaofengli Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I fixed them.

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