London Nix User Group

Hi everyone,

This evening we held a London Nix User Group meetup in the City. We got a good turnout, 12 people plus a few of us from PDT Partners, where we hosted the event. We had lots of good discussions, and are keen to do it again soon.

Next time round we’ll do some (informal) talks. I’ve attached a photo of the topic list we collected during the evening.

We’ll try to do this every 1-2 months, and we’ll post the Eventbrite link to this thread when the next one is scheduled.

Thanks everyone for coming!



I haven’t met this many Nixxers since Paris (NixCon 2022), it was great!


We could do another instalment on Tuesday 2nd June?


Sounds good! That’s pretty close to the Liverpool Nix User Group ( which means I’ll get a double whammy of Nix action every month :slight_smile:

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The 2nd of June is a Friday. I know this well because I happen to have a work engagement so wouldn’t be able to make it.

Fun facts: 2nd of June was last on a Tuesday in 2020 and will next be on a Tuesday in 2026 - timeanddate

Whoops! Yes I meant 6th June! Hopefully that still works. Will get it scheduled in Eventbrite etc.

I’d be interested in attending the next NUG London meetup, but couldn’t find anything on eventbright for the last meetup.

Where should I be following to get updated of the next meetup? :slight_smile:


Won’t be able to join on the 6th. Maybe the week after? I’d be happy to give a talk about kubenix.

I’ve just added the event on Eventbrite for the next meeting: London Nix User Group Tickets, Tue 6 Jun 2023 at 18:00 | Eventbrite

Sorry for the delay!

@adrian-gierakowski I think we’ll stick with 6th June as the date, but hopefully you can make the next one!

As discussed last time, we’re going to try some informal talks! If you’re up for doing a talk, please mention it below.

I’ll start: I’m happy to chat about using Home Assistant with Nix, or how we use Nix at PDT if that’s interesting to people.

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We’ve got a decent number of sign ups, looking forward to next week. If you’re planning on coming, please register on EventBrite, and please comment here if you’re interested in doing a talk. Thanks!

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