Marketing Team Meeting Minutes #12 and #13

It has been a busy last 4 weeks and I didn’t manage to send out minutes from meeting #12, but we have a recording of it (with a very bad video quality). Meeting #13 was sadly not recorded due to having problems with the recording quality, I hope to find a suitable solution until next time.

This are things that we are discussing and working currently:

  • Changes to Marketing team membership:
    • New members are accepted after each NixOS release (every 6 months).
    • Inactive members will be thanked to help move Nix/NixOS further and moved from the team. They are more then welcome to rejoin the team when it will suit them.
    • This change is needed since a number of members is limited to around 10 (otherwise the discussions go for too long) and there are many who would like to join the team and contribute.
  • progress on redesign of
    • progress can be tracked under #506
    • there are still few bugs we need to fix, but we are hoping to merge it this week
    • the above PR only implements landing page of the design and fixes the rest of the to look similar as now.
    • after #506 PR is merged we will focus on each page separately to style it as designed

Here is a teaser. I hope you are as excited as I am.


I am exited! All the work will finally pay off :rocket:


That does look pretty appealing :heart:


I definitely like that the manual has different versions now, very handy.

Did you by the way also change the options search? I have to admit I much preferred the “live search”.

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The search is developed here: If you have concrete examples for queries you did and not found the expected result, you might open an issue like I did: