Marketing Team Meeting Minutes #3

Another marketing meeting is behind us here is what was discussed:

  • Eduard Bopp joined marketing team. Welcome!
  • Announcement, is back (got lost after the migration to netlify)
  • Announcement, download page refreshed
  • Landing page
    • Last time we said one of our target audience are developers, we discussed this a bit and our target group are not only developers but advance users, which we classified as users that are familiar with command line. This includes developers, sysadmins, …
    • Discussed current PR and what we should include on the website. the idea is clear we hope to either merge this by next time or have one last review together.
    • Confusion with naming. Nix community or NixOS community. None of the names are ideal since if you pick one you always exclude the other. But having both does add to a confusion for newcomers. We decided to start using NixOS and drop Nix to reduce the confusion in our messaging on the website. After a while we should look if this makes sense on the website and see if we are going to stick to this and propose an RFC after that to get a consensus from a wider community regarding the naming. Please listen conversation about this starting around
  • News/blogs/announcements and other async communication on the website
    • help teams expose their meeting minutes, reports, announcements on the website.
    • we will use, create some subcategories which we will then aggregate via rss feed and display on the website. we need to figure out the technical details.
    • create a calendar which people can subscribe to to get notified for release dates, events, meetups, team meetings, nixos birthday, …
    • review the setup for our twitter account (add a mastodon account?) and make sure our “new” news section will be propagated correctly there via ifttt.
  • we need to discuss / research how to collect feedback on tutorials / manuals.

@garbas I made the new Governance categories on Discourse. I renamed and moved some categories around to be under Governance. Hopefully this is close to what you wanted/envisioned. Please let me know if you need any changes.


A random thought from a random person:

About Nix community or NixOS community, I think it’s really “The Nix & NixOS community”, there is no middle ground.

Nix can be used standalone as an advanced configuration language or a nix based package manager, or as part of the NixOS project (basically). The NixOS community is kind of an extension to the Nix community, but Nix community is not necessarily a part of the NixOS community…

I like the wording “The Nix & NixOS community” because it can be read in 2 ways:

  1. The (Nix & NixOS) community
  2. The (Nix) & (NixOS) community

As a newcomer, 1. Is great to show that there are 2 main projects, and that they can ask questions on Nix specifically, but not necessarily targeted to NixOS (since they are kind of separate projects conceptually, and you can use nix without nixos). Or that Nix is not the end, there is a great OS using Nix, and maybe other projects (not visible immediately, but the word “community” might imply that though!)

As a Nix (only) user, 2. is great because you are not unnecessarily merged into the NixOS community.

And as a NixOS user you know the drill, Nix is part of everything.

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